The Celebration Co-Ed., a residential high school offers quality education along with many meaningful & skill based extracurricular activities to the students. The school has been awarded with International School Award (ISA) by the Ministry of Education & the British Council.
The Celebration is located in the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu- Gothatar, Jorpati and provides academic instruction, rigor and support each school day to students in kindergarten through 10th grade. The Celebration believes setting high standards for all students creates a greater opportunity for future success – in our communities, within the region and across our diverse and global society. Each day, the students are prepared to be leaders in a technologically savvy and globally competitive world.
The School manages the boarding & Day Boarding Programs very systematically. The School aims to develop the students with the holistic approach. It has designed all the curricular & extra curricular activities to develop “body-mind-spirit” of every student. Many smart & wise parents / guardians have chosen “The Celebration Co-Ed. School” for its excellent academic results & skilled based activities.


A residential school for Meditative, Celebrative & Creative study


The Celebration aims to provide the best education available anywhere, preparing every child to lead a rich and productive life.


The Celebration plans to produce physically and spiritually conscious pupils for better world to live.


Awarded withe the International School Award 2013-16 by British Council