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20 August, 2018

Our 4 students has taken part successfully in the 5th national archery championship with good achievement.


20 August, 2018

There is no better satisfaction than achievement. Congratulations to all the achievers.  

Learning Achievement Certificate and Prize Distribution Ceremony

27 March, 2018

Not Only to award students with position but we believe to awards the students for their learning will motivate them to learn more and more.



The School has been providing the environment with a lots of skilled based activities which will obviously lead the students to achieve their career plans. Thank you The Celebration Co-Ed
Proud to be a Celebrationatist

Aryan Bhattarai

Wonderful school with the best Residential Facilities for the students from different part of the country where the students can learn about different traditions, cultures, languages interchangeably with each other.
The school itself proves it as the very dynamic school with lots of facilities regarding extra curricular and co curricular activities including the great teaching approaches.
Best wishes to the entire Celebration Team.

Puja Dahal

Dear Mähendra sir ,
As you mentioned in parents day program after the earthquake it Wasn’t easy job to re build the school. I never thought my son will again study there. it’s really tough job to re build the school structure within the three months. However you managed to settle down all the child, students.Every school wants to become famous but only few of them can reach in their mission. People thinking high paying is good school ,for me is not only paying huge money ,we have to find quality education , international level education, more practical education , more activities ,good environment. Appreciated your effort that shows to all the parents. Salute you Mahendra sir and Indira mam as well as all the team members. The end ! I wish to have one indoor sport hall and swimming pool please! ??
My best wishes
AP sherpa

AP Sherpa

We cannot get everything as we desire but the good thing is what we desire getting instantly make us happy forever. This is the School where my son is getting admission for his further study. Thanks Celebration

Sushil Karna